Sunday, November 7, 2010

Eddie Ross & Co.

{photo via Eddie Ross}

Friday @ Metrolina with Eddie & Jaithan was certainly the plan, but a series of rather unfortunate (Lemony Snicket-style) events that morning made its execution impossible. Lucky for me, 2 most excellent friends entered the picture, dragged me to see E+J over some wine & cheese, and eventually (a bottle of Pinot Grigio later) it was all good. Eddie was extraordinarily charming (if a bit road weary after 3 consecutive trips around the Flea -- honestly, could you blame him?) and Jaithan was nothing short of fabulous. That tall drink of water is a hot-hot-hottie.

And another crazy-good surprise was meeting Goodwill Hunting (fab again), who was looking absolutely splendid in purple paisley. Yes. Purple. And it was amazing.

All in all, a very good time was had by most.


  1. HI Holly, Jaithan and I had such a blast and loved meeting you too! Thank you for your sweet post! we have to do drinks when you are up in NYC
    Eddie + Jaithan

  2. Holly. So great to meet you! You are full of such bright energy! Eddie and Jaithan were amazing. They were on a whirlwind and I know they were a bit lathargic.

    We must all get together very very soon to catch up!

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  3. so glad you had such a wonderful time... xx

  4. We ended up missing the wine and cheese. We ran out of gas. Now I'll have some cheese with that whine. I would have loved to have met you. Let me know when you'll be out and about, and we'll join up!