Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Where Eating Well is the Best Revenge


Straight Wharf Fish Store's lobster roll, Todd English @ The Summer House, a classic Lola hamburger for less than $6, and some of the best grits North of the Mason-Dixon. Read more here & here.

And I'm not a bit disheartened that the Globe fails to mention my favorite, where you can beat neither the bartender nor his Mount Gay & tonic.


  1. i do love seth and angela and their new restaurant looks yummie but i have to say 21 federal will always be one of my favorites... along with black eyed susans (anytime!) and the turkey terrific sandwich at provisions... ok, i could go on and on... i am booking a flight... i am in nantucket withdrawal!! xoxo

  2. Oh hello....

    ~B's stomach ;)

  3. Stayed at Summer House last Summer...loved the pool and bar.Never stayed at their property in town so never got a chance to try Todd English. 21 Federal is a great spot as well...and I love my rum and tonic too...you sound like my kinda girl...especially since I see "huntress" in your profile.
    That lobster role pic made me want one now...can't get much of a godd one here in Philly.