Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Crazy Hot

Mid-90's & so steamy an 'excessive heat advisory' is in effect. The emergency broadcast system is warning about thunderstorms & reminding us to hydrate & stay out of the sun. My friend Pam @ Red Ticking posted on a gate she's been dreaming about lately. Me? I'm imagining a drive to the beach, trailed by a vintage Airstream filled with fairy lights, clean Levi's, icy Bud Lime & a surf board.

What about you?


  1. i'm with you!! or you can come to seattle where we wear cashmere and down jackets every day in june. he he

  2. That photo looks like heaven! I could sit outside that thing all day :-)

  3. I LOOOOVE this picture. Oh how much I would love to life by the sea...I hope I can make my wish come true someday...Wish you a lovely day today! sunny greetings from germany, geisslein

  4. I want that to be my little getaway too! I still mourn the loss of my grandparents little 1956 camping trailer :( I had envisioned it as the perfect play house for grandkids someday...

  5. I totally share your dream, Holly, though mine look a little different. Thanks for inspiration!


    Nice upcoming weekend,

  6. I love your dream of the Airstream except my cooler would be full of good wine. And of course, a travel trailer with good books, dogs, and people I like doesn't hurt either :)