Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Vintage Decor

I love all things vintage, especially books. I've read The Family Decorates a Home by Carlton Varney hundreds of times.

I especially love the section on awnings, window boxes, and door ornaments.

A little kitschy, and lots of fun.


  1. that book looks lovely. I'll have to look it up. you always have such neat pieces. love your taste...

  2. Yes, lots of fun for sure...its so interesting to see what still holds up today.

  3. I love to collect vintage decorating and home architecture and project books. I'm trying to limit myself but there's SOOO many and they're all really delicious :)

  4. Isn't is wonderful how some things never change...makes for the perfect home. Love your idea of collecting vintage decorating books...

    Jeanne :)