Thursday, April 29, 2010

Keno's Inaugural

Say what you will, I love the Keno brothers. I've watched them on TV, read them in Traditional Home, seen them in Nantucket & New York, and will soon be shopping their new line @ High Point. They're talented, adorable, polite, well-dressed & well-spoken. (One went to Williams, but it just wouldn't be right to hold that against them.)

{love the dog & chair & rug}

Leigh's Manhattan townhouse on E. 69th, which also used to house his antiques business, is classic & elegant.

A mix of incredible antiques & an '80's deli sign. 

This Saturday marks the inaugural of his latest venture, Keno Auctions



{John James Audubon 8 volume set, Birds of America}

{Blvd. Saint-Germain watercolor}

{Reyes lightship basket}

{big fat Sussex pig}

{Daddy loves him some banjo}

{antique Nantucket}

{a nest of 8}

{classic Cahoon}

Browse {& maybe even bid?} 3 separate sessions of goodness @


  1. Oh swoon! I couldn't agree more about the oh so fabulous Keno brothers, they are amazing! I am so excited about this latest venture :).

  2. I have been known to turn on Antiques Roadshow wait impatiently for a Keno...then switch channels when done! Love the Kenos! Thanks for the update. Great post btw........K

  3. Great info! I think one of the best things about the internet is the auctions (LOVE the piggie) so this is very exciting - am a fan of the Keno brothers - thanks! I'll be back, until then my best,

  4. do love me some of those guys. can't remember the name of their book from a few years back, but loved it, too. yeah, they're kinda corny but!