Sunday, April 4, 2010

Grateful Growers Farm

Grateful Growers is a small farm in Lincoln County, North Carolina that focuses on producing food in a conscientious manner. The owners raise a menagerie of animals, including Tamworth hogs, Delaware chickens, Blue Swedish and Khaki Campbell ducks. Grateful Growers does not use added hormones or antibiotics, and the finished product is completely free of fillers, preservatives, nitrates and MSG.

I came to know the Farm through the launch of their newest venture, The Harvest Moon Grille, a 'food cart' just outside my office in uptown Charlotte that serves delicious, fresh food all made from scratch with locally-grown ingredients.  While the menus change weekly {and locations change daily}, here's an idea of the wonderful fare Harvest Moon Grille offers working Charlotteans...

Pasta Salad - bowtie pasta with mixed fresh veggies and a homemade vinaigrette dressing.
Tasso Reuben - Grateful Growers shaved tasso ham, braised collards and swiss on grilled Nova’s rye bread.
GG Country Pate - a slice of a loaf of finely ground pork blended with pistachios + cherries served on a Nova’s roll with housemade mustard sauce.
Tofu Salad - finely chopped firm tofu with carrots + onion in a mayo-based dressing served on a roll from Nova’s.
Scrapple with Eggs - Ground smoked sausage folded with polenta and baked into a loaf.  We serve a slice of this topped wth scrambled eggs and mirepoix (sauce of carrot, celery, onion + tomato).
GGQ - slow-roasted Grateful Growers pork shoulder served on a Nova’s roll with Lexington-style {aka the BEST} bbq sauce.

And to wash it all down, Uncle Scott’s Root Beer, an all-natural soda locally made in Mooresville, NC.



  1. Ha ha Scrapple! Love it! This is really cool, there's a restaurant in Savannah called Cha Bella that uses all organic food from its own farm, kind of the same thing (and the food is of course fabulous!).

  2. Hmm...your Scapple is not the same as the Scrapple up here in the DC area. I was once enlightened as to the origins of Scrapple and it is not anything I'd ever want to try. This version, however, sounds far more enjoyable.

    Of course, after seeing the first image, I want to avoid pork products entirely. Sweet little piglets!


  3. I wish I knew more of the background about the food I buy. This sounds like perfection to me. My dream is to only buy my meat from ranchers who pamper their animals while they're on this earth. Is that silly?? It would just be nice haha!


  4. Today I have awarded you and your blog the Sunshine Award. You can read my comments on today. Thank you for your time and talent that make my days nicer. I look forward to reading and viewing your work as often as you publish it.

    Best wishes to you and yours,

    Jane Prater