Sunday, December 26, 2010

Unadulterated Anglophilia

Downton Abbey, created & written by Cambridge-educated novelist, actor & screenwriter Julian Fellows {see also, Gosford Park}, is a sumptuous period drama originally broadcast on UK television. Series 1 appeared on ITV during the fall of 2010 and {due to some crazy high viewing numbers} ITV has promised a Series 2 in 2011. Fabulous news, this. And equally fabulous for Americans is that Downton will be broadcast in January on Masterpiece Classic.

Although the sets {especially Highclere Castle} & costumes alone warrant a viewing, Dame Maggie as the Dowager Countess is truly perfection.  You won't want to miss this...


  1. I've been waiting for this since I first read about it last year! There's a lovely article on Elizabeth McGovern in January's Vanity Fair. I had no idea that she had married and moved to Britain, and was still acting. I can not wait to see her in this series. Thanks for the reminder!...K

  2. The first presentation last eve was fabulous. Eagerly awaiting next week's return for another episode. McGovern was fab and, yes so glad to see her return to acting. Loved her in Ordinary People.