Wednesday, December 8, 2010

2 Men Eating

The Trip is a witty 6-part series featuring British comics Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon that's just wrapped on BBC Two. In it, Coogan {who appears to play a character loosely based on, well, Steve Coogan} is assigned a stint as guest food critic for a UK newspaper. After being dumped by his American girlfriend, he embarks on a Range Rover road trip through the English countryside with Brydon, his self-deprecating, slightly neurotic friend.

Together, the somewhat bitter Coogan and happy-go-lucky Brydon eat their way through a half-dozen of the better known restaurants in England's Lake District, Lancashire & the Yorkshire Dales. Although there is a bit of good chat about the fabulous food in which they're indulging, the pair also spend a fair amount of on-screen time in this loosely scripted epicurian Odd Couple bickering, singing (ABBA), pontificating, and imitating other actors (both do a bang-on Michael Caine).

With any luck, The Trip will eventually make it to the States -- via either BBC America or {in its edited reincarnation as movie} some sort of highbrow distribution deal. Not really for children. Or the less than clever.  See it if you can.


  1. We have a new art cinema in Winston Salem, so maybe we'll get it here. I'll be on the look out. Thanks for the visit!

  2. Really like your blog :D


  3. Sounds just great, I cannot wait, witty it is!

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