Sunday, August 8, 2010

Love Keith Johnson

I know, it's crazy, but I only recently discovered Man Shops Globe + the awesome Keith Johnson. I love his comfy clothes & shoes, the patina of his ever-present messenger bag, his salt & pepper hair, and his boundless energy in his quest for fabulousness. I don't even mind that he slept his way to the top (in fact, I love him all the more for it). Keith, call if you ever need an ordinary lackey w/ a slightly above average hunter/gatherer instinct.


  1. so love him... he and you know who just purchased my leather club chairs... and i just wanted to deliver them...cross country road trip... are you game???? xoxo

  2. He is amazing! Love your blog. Hannah x

  3. pam ~ that is so exciting! completely game...
    hannah ~ thank you! glad you found me!

  4. I just stopped in, to see what you were up to. Come visit us and see my friend's new house! I'm still a wanna be, though.