Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hanham Court

Isabel and Julian Bannerman, an amazing British couple who design + build gardens for the who's who of London {Jacob Rothschild, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Paul Getty, John Robinson, HRH the Prince of Wales} have made Hanham Court their home for the past 16 years. Part medieval castle, part Tudor barn, this rustic Manor house is where they hone their unique sense of design -- a mix of 'ancient' architecture and romantic, fragrant blooms.

A semi-ancient tub on their estate, overflowing with just 2 varieties of tulips and completely evocative of their incredible style, is my favorite. I just acquired a pair of these fabulous vessels, somewhat difficult to find on this side of the Atlantic. They'll be arriving, together with the rest of my late summer shipment, very soon at Post & Gray!

photo via Cote de Texas


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!! Please show photos of the vessels!

  2. I want some. Look at my e-mail through my link and let me know, I might forget. Wow doesn't do justice, I love millstones and terra-cotta, and containers. Even more, ancient stone troughs. But I'm up for those guys if the price is really reasonable!!

  3. i guess this is every girls dream castle..