Friday, February 5, 2010

Sweet Girl

My sweet dog Bailey went on a bit of a walkabout last night and was hit by a car.  The driver didn't stop, but Bailey is a stubborn thing and made her way home despite some very serious injuries. This morning she's in the extremely capable hands of Carolina Veterinary Specialists and I'm praying she gets better. If you get a moment today, think a happy thought for my girl.

UPDATE:  After 3 days in the ICU, Bailey's internal injuries seem to be healing very well.  Although she's not up to kibble just yet, she's resting comfortably and should be home in a few days. Thanks so much to all of you who sent e-mails or left comments!


  1. I'm so sorry...
    She's beautiful and fortunate to be in good hands with a loving Mama!!!
    Get Well Soon, Bailey.

  2. Oh dear, the poor thing, I will think many thoughts for her.
    What an adorable picture, she looks like a much loved family pet.
    Prayers for Bailey and that she makes a healthy recovery!

  3. I'll think of both of you. I know how this feels.

  4. Holly,
    My heart and prayers go out for the two of you. Having two four legged children myself, I fully understand your heart break and pain. David and I will be pulling for Bailey!!

  5. I will devote many prayers to dear Bailey over the weekend. Who doesn't stop after hitting a pet? Outrageous!

  6. Oh, I'm so sad reading that Bailey was hit by a car and that the driver did not stop to help...what is with people? I'll keep Bailey in my thoughts this weekend - keep us posted. Good night!

  7. We out here on the Left Coast are thinking of Bailey and sending our love and wishes for a speedy recovery. She is a lovely dog and is so lucky to have a wonderful dog mom.
    Melissa and Lily Dog

  8. How's Bailey feeling today? I have been thinking about since I read your post.