Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Kitchen, 4 Years Later

My story is a long & sad one, all about a remodel gone wrong. I know custom cabinetry can be a wonderful thing. I've seen it happen. But when your lovely custom cabinet-maker suddenly ups & leaves, 1/2 way through, it's a very, very bad thing indeed. Some days I hope he's alive, others I hope he's not.

But I've recovered. Made do. Patched a few things here and there, and it's looking better. Really. And now all this patching & raw wood needs paint. So with loads of windows, white walls, ceilings & subway tile, carrara marble, a gray slate floor, and 2 all-white kitchens behind me, dare I paint it charcoal like Gwyneth?

Might it work?


  1. Definitely go for gray cabinets!!
    I thinks you will love it... and you certainly deserve to love your kitchen :)

  2. I adore gray everything. Especially in a kitchen which will come alive with the abundant colors of your food. The decor should act as a backdrop for all of that.

  3. Go for it! Charcoal grey with a crisp white is so fresh and lovely. In our last house we painted our cabinets a dark brown and I was really nervous but I have to say of all our houses it was my favourite kitchen. We had the dark floors, cream walls, marble counter tops and lots of orientals. It was cozy, warm and inviting 12 months of the year. This photo reminds me of it. Sad news about your builder...I imagine their were many missed nights of sleep over that one. This pic looks will love it!
    Jeanne :)

  4. Yes, test the colour or ask the expert "Maria" over at "Colour me Happy"
    Tell her pve sent you. You deserve to love your kitchen and that gray is so chic.

  5. Oh, what a sad story! Good for you for picking up and moving on. I think gray cabinets would be lovely - provided you get enough natural light in the kitchen. I did a very dark grey (almost black) on our center island, which has a carerra counter. The rest of the kitchen cabinets are white because our kitchen needed a little lightening. The grey took a while to get right and took more painter time and effort (and $) because of the depth of the color - but it was worth it!


  6. Gray sure looks nice.. I recently got mine done in grey with white trimmings.. It looks lovely.. So go for it.. and post some pics!!

  7. Well, you know me, I say "Yes" to the gray...