Monday, January 18, 2010

New Stock

The entirety of my weekend before last was spent hunting for a Wii Fit board (who knew they were still popular?), and upgrading home electronics in preparation for Awards Season, the Winter Olympics, & NYC housewives. Which was good... and bad. I may have been procrastinating. Between Thanksgiving and New Year's, I'd travelled up and down the East Coast accumulating a garage-full of wonderful things for my tiny space at Sleepy Poet Antiques in Charlotte. Those pieces were overtaking my dining room, bedroom, hallway & kitchen.  So this 3-day weekend went something like this; pack the SUV, drive across town, unpack the SUV, merchandise the new lovelies, drive back across town, repeat.

Although it had been looking a bit peckish, estate is once again full of some really fabulous things (and still more to come).  Visit!


  1. That both looks and sounds like so much fun! Wish I was closer so that I could visit.

  2. OK, I am so envious of your spot. seeing yours makes me miss mine. .

  3. I just found your blog! I live in Charlotte and am a regular at SP, as I used to have a space there. Will check out your digs at Post & Gray!!

  4. Great to 'meet' you, tarheel! I'll be out of my larger space in Sleepy Poet as of July 2010, but have added loads of goodies to a larger space @ Post & Gray, so stop by any time!
    -Holly (estate)