Saturday, March 7, 2009

Purl Patchwork

When was the last time you were inspired to try something new?

A year ago I was shopping in New York and came upon a tiny shop tucked into a snug SoHo side street. Full of fabulous textiles. It was Purl Patchwork.  

At PP, 100% cotton fabrics are displayed floor to ceiling, all colors and styles, artfully arranged to make selection the easiest thing in the world. But here's the thing... finding wonderful fabric has never been my issue. I adore all textiles -- new calico, old ticking, crazy quilts, antique toile, even ric-rac. 

It's sewing that scares the *&%! out of me. Ever since 7th grade Home Ec and an unfortunate reversible bermuda bag cover incident.  

So it took a year.  And I'm not sure if it was vintage ticking at The American Antiques Show or a documentary on the Quilts of Gee's Bend that pushed me over the edge. But last week I finally bought a new Janome and some Liberty fabric. 

It's time to face my demons.


  1. I am glad it is not just me! I have so much beautiful fabric that I have purchased at estate and yard sales - I am terrified to sew it into anything? Not sure why. Am I afraid I will ruin the fabric? Waste money? Waste time? I agree - I need to suck it up and sit at that sewing machine!

  2. delightful! and yes, just go ahead and start sewing. email me if you have any questions - really! alittlesewing at gmail dot com