Saturday, February 28, 2009

Spring Fling

A few weeks ago there was sun, lots of sun, and warmth. Skies were cloudless, a pale and clear Carolina blue. Daffodils were up, my lawn was a patchwork of dark green tufts, and most of the neighbors had replaced their holiday magnolia swags with pots of fresh pansies. Temperatures were pushing 70. Was I wrong to think Spring had arrived?

I'd first seen the Townie in Vogue, then on Nantucket, and finally -- in early February -- through the window of my neighborhood cycle shop, a brilliant mass of peony, tangerine and limeade.   The Townie is a model of simplicity, and I'm so about simple.   The flat-foot technology makes riding in flip-flops a breeze.  

One of the originals, a pearly lime 3-speed with the coaster brakes of my childhood and a comfy seat, was too much to resist. Really, who can turn away from a bike that offers a surf rack accessory?  I succumbed. And not just to the cruiser, but to a big wicker basket and bright, shiny bell.

I was able to ride my new Townie around town for exactly 1 day before Winter returned.  Tomorrow we're expecting 3-5 inches of snow...

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