Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Must-See TV

Sure, President Obama signed a stimulus package today, but tonight the Housewives are back. Wonder how K.K.B. will fare against Bethenny, LuAnn, Alex, Ramona and Jill?

Bensimon is a patron of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute and graduate of Columbia,

author of American Style...

and In the Spirit of the Hamptons

and recently divorced from Elle Macpherson's ex.  

Am I the only one to sense that five of these things are not like the other?


  1. Real Housewives of NYC seems so much worse this year. Is it the economy today or are they really nothing more than money hungry, vulgar and boring?

  2. So true, Tintin. LuAnn is downright scary, but luckily I'm still finding things to love about Jill...