Sunday, January 4, 2009

Winter Blues?

Time to head South & catch some waves. Or if in Mexico, Las Olas -- the fabulous surf safaris that 'make girls out of women.'

A few years ago I was living in Seattle. After nearly 60 straight days of gray drizzle, I packed my bags and headed down to a small fishing village in Nayarit, Mexico. After a week of daily yoga, massage, pancakes on the beach and sand in my suit, I became a surfer.

Since returning from Las Olas, I've taken a few Caribbean vacations, wave hopping with rented boards, both foam & fiberglass. And while I love surf gear, all bright rashguards and Roxy tees, I've never even been tempted to buy a board... until I heard about Grain.

Each Grain Surfboard is a work of art. The company is based on the Maine coast and the boards are hand-made by local artisans of white cedar from nearby forests. And when you consider that these boards are crafted with traditional New England boat-building techniques, you understand why even a heavily-used Grain Surfboard won't show the usual signs of wear sustained by a fiberglass board. Which is all my way of saying that Grain creates surfboards for a lifetime. And so, much like my Hermes Birkin, I will justify my purchase using a most clever 'cost per use' theory.

Works for me.

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