Friday, January 23, 2009

Sign of the Times: Manhattan

60 East 66th Street was redesigned in 1919 by the architect Mott B. Schmidt, which accounts for its architecturally significant façade. It was commissioned by Mr. and Mrs. James Lees Laidlaw. Having led a landmark 10,000 person march to Washington in 1924, Mrs. Laidlaw was a prominent suffragette and also on the Board of Directors of the League of Nations Non-Partisan Association. Schmidt's creation was in the neo-Classical style, a six-story building with projecting Spanish title roof. There was a center arched entrance and 3 arched windows at the second story, as well as an iron balcony. There are columns between the third story window and a cornice above. Schmidt also designed 1 Sutton Place for Mrs. W.K. (Anne) Vanderbilt, the Ann Morgan townhouse at One Sutton Place, the Vincent Astor Mansion at 128 East 80th Street, the Emily Trevor Townhouse at 15 East 80th Street, selected commissions for the Rockefeller family, the apartment building at 1088 Park Avenue, and the beautifully proportioned 53 East 66th Street on this very block.

Yours for $10.9M

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  1. I would buy it in a heartbeat if I could afford it. It's beautiful.