Sunday, May 23, 2010


I'm an American purist. I unabashedly drive a Ford; drink Bud Light, Dunkin Donuts coffee & original Coke; wear old 501's & my grandmother's charm bracelet; and love McDonald's fries. And these preferences influence every bit of my design esthetic. I prefer vintage to new, originals to knock-offs, American to Euro.

So given my (lack of?) world view, I guess it's not surprising I once worked for Ralph Lauren. And when he finally succumbed and introduced a mass market line, I was emphatically not a fan. Diluting the essence of Ralph, I said. But recently I've been eating words. Whole sentences, in fact. I found these 'mass market' pieces and think they're amazing. And at prices way more reasonable than Ralph Lauren Home, they make great adds to a beach house or ski condo.

Available to the masses here.


  1. I like your style and agree these are pretty impressive!
    I would happily put them anywhere:)


  2. dont forget the kfc runs after gilman .... its our little secret...

  3. i find you on the blog from the Elegant Thrifter. Thank you for this great post and this pictures. my favorite are the last picture with the chair thank you regards jürgen