Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kelly, again

I've been away all weekend. The beach, lots of reading, wonderful food. No TV. Tonight I came home, unpacked, threw laundry in the washer, poured myself a glass of wine, and turned on TiVo. To the Real Housewives of NYC. The one on Ramona's rented yacht.

Really Kelly, again? Unless this is the result of some extremely creative editing, she's certifiable. I can't watch. I'm done.


  1. Ha! It's on my tivo too, haven't seen it!

  2. But you must watch next week! She accuses Bethenny of trying to kill her! I must admit, I had to fast forward through the LuAnn clips as they were downright painful.


  3. i just watched it on the plane today (good ol jet blue) and i feel the same... however, i may have to turn it on thursday to see what happens to her. i think they should throw her off the show. could anyone be more self absorbed?

    sounds like you had a wonderful weekend... i ate and ate and ate... loved every bite. found some fabulous goodies... xo

  4. This season has pushed me over the edge. When Ramona becomes the most sane participant you know it's time to change the channel. I just feel for Kelly's kids. Imagine those parent-teacher conferences?


  5. I haven't seen the Playboy pics and I don't need to, want to, please don't make me... but you've got to see the bikini picture of her in the new Star magazine (yes its my guilty pleasure :p ). I'm going to guess the Star pic is more likely the real deal. I can't imagine how much hush money was paid to the airbrush guy at Playboy. I've given up on the Real Housewives series. Honestly I just don't care what they're up to!

  6. Is she one crazy lunatic or what? Why would Ramona invite her when they had it out at Jill's Kodak event? Jill and Kelly are absolute whack-jobs! Jealousy!