Friday, October 7, 2016

Going Dutch

Everyone loves a dutch door.  Everyone.

But they do complicate matters, especially in cold climes like New England.  There's hardware confusion, heat loss, style decisions, installation issues - the list goes on.  But despite everything, their charm is undeniable.

My house came with 2 dutch doors - at the front and (somewhat inexplicably) off a bedroom - both saddled with horribly ugly storms.  Unfortunately, the front door had been badly installed and poorly made.  It was a mess of mismatched hardware and hot glue (?), draped with an unremarkable textile and requiring asap replacement.  But where to go from here?

These - a bit like mine with lights - appear to be very popular (notice all the lovely hardware - not at all like mine)

This week on Gardenista, it’s all about context: Funeral flowers turn fashionable, and artificial grass is looking better than ever. Here’s a look at what’s been going on, and for all this week’s post:

Charming potting shed with Dutch door & side window balanced with lantern - Architect Catherine Sloan:

Image result for dutch door

And no lights, lovely too...

Old House Features - Bob Vila - Slideshow: 15 Old House Features We Were Wrong to Abandon:

Door, blue and yellow, entry:


Decisions, decisions.

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