Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sailor Rose

Mom has a friend who creates magical scarves and sells them at the Brooklyn Women's Exchange, and it was there we discovered Sailor Rose - amazing blouses crafted in America from Liberty of London's iconic Tana Lawn fabrics.

As they describe it themselves... This collection (is) inspired by the tradition of improvising and by clothes that might have started as something else; dresses made of feed sacks, a parent’s shirt, pillowcases or bedspreads. Jumpers with rickrack and threadbare cotton shifts. Jeans with fabric added on the hem, and skirts made of pants. Clothes that are just as beautiful when worn by the third child as by the first. Beautiful dresses meant to be played in – that look as good freshly ironed as rumpled. My hope is that our grandchildren might come across these clothes in an attic or thrift store one day and be inspired to use them again, or turn them into something new.

They clean up beautifully in a front loader's hand wash cycle and to maintain the perfect bit of rumple, just hang dry & wear.  Take it from me, once you wear one you'll want to possess these sweet peasant blouses in every print available.

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  1. ......yippee, you're back blogging. You have been sorely missed! Must say anything with Liberty attached is a must have. The fabric is beyond belief!