Thursday, April 28, 2011

India, ironic

India Hicks is covering The Wedding for ITV & ABC (dressed in Posh), talking to Barbara & Oprah, and exec producing a show running all week on TLC about her experience as a Royal Bridesmaid in The Other Wedding. Reese Witherspoon went on Ellen DeGeneres and said she was more excited about this wedding than her own. The BBC is believed to have over 1,000 employees focused on its televised coverage.

What about you? Are you loving every minute of Will-Kat mania? Savoring paparazzi shots of the future queen in the Daily Mail, Hello! & People? Or are you going about your business, walking the dog or folding laundry, and thinking honestlywhat's all the fuss about?

1 comment :

  1. This wedding has been such a wonderful diversion from all the angst in the world. I am totally immersed in every lovely detail.