Wednesday, March 30, 2011


If you're not a fan of Masterpiece Theatre, Brit TV may not be your thing. I'm a huge fan -- always have been -- and enjoy every murder mystery ITV serves up. Unfortunately there are far too few truly good bits, as UK programming is overwhelmed by those US imports I never watched when I lived there (CSI, Two and a Half Men, Jersey Shore, NCIS, anything Kardashian...)

Luckily, there are some exceptions. Silk is a legal drama written by Peter Moffat, the UK's answer to David Kelley. As with just about everything on the BBC, the show is well written & produced, and the acting is fantastic. So BBC, answer me this -- who made the bloody ridiculous decision to limit this fabulousness to 6 episodes? 

That's a crime worth prosecuting.


  1. ANYTHING with Rupert Penry-Jones........thanks for the alert. Also..waiting for more Sherlock and Downton Abbey....k

  2. Don't get me started...why do they do that? So many great shows and then you find out there are only three episodes. Sherlock being one of them...and South Riding. You then have to sit and wait it out to see if they make the cut or not. I love British TV...I am hooked and am playing catch up with all the old favourites that have been suggested to me by readers. I am working on a list...I would love to know any others you like.