Saturday, November 27, 2010

Caffe Life

Yes, it's a chain, but a chain with the most amazing daily-baked sweets and frothiest cappuccino. From Dubai to Dublin, don't expect anything less than full-fat milk and freshly-ground coffee beans from the family-run roaster in Piacenza at Carluccio's.

What gives this caffe its street cred? The prices are reasonable, the food is fabulous, and Antonio Carluccio, OBE, founded it after managing, then owning, celebrity favorite Neal Street Restaurant {where Naked Chef Jamie Oliver began his professional career as pastry chef.}

Buon appetito


  1. I love Carluccio's Holly. We have one in our town and I spend all my time there. I think we have taken the same photos, in fact, I was about to do a similar post. Coffee moments at Carluccio's are the best!

    Jeanne xx

  2. yummie.... you know i would be all over it... miss you friend.. xx