Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Charlie

Having spent 4 months of my dot-com work-life living out of a so-so hotel on the Beverly Hills / West Hollywood border, I get very excited when I learn of an amazing new place to stay on the Left Coast. West Hollywood's The Charlie is getting loads of attention right now, and with good reason.  Check out the living space of the bungalow named, appropriately, Charlie...

I could be particularly partial because I've got the same Mitchell Gold sofa, but I think the kitchen spaces are what really won me over.

By the month ($7,500).


  1. Saw this in VF. Thanks for the web site. I really hate LA and I detest Hollywood and most of the people in it - - but I'd give my right arm to hole up in this place and write about all the jerks in town. Thanks for the fantasy.